Westgate DayCare

The Day-Care Programme here at Westgate Foundation has been designed to accommodate each individual’s needs and caters for a large geographical area.

A nurse and team of Care Assistants are on duty and you can enjoy a wide range of activities and Health Care Programmes.

Social Activities

We provide a wide range of social activities here in Westgate Foundation. You can find something for yourself as our services are as follows: Walking Club, Drama Club, Social Club, Art Classes, Swimming Club, Tea Party, Mass, Computer Classes and many more! 


Community Catering

Westgate Foundations Community Catering provides the highest standards of food to our clients in Westgate Daycare and recipients in Community Catering. We at all times adhere to food    Safety and HACCP Guidelines.



 The Transport Department is an integral part of Westgate Foundation. Our fleet consists of Six buses of varying passenger capacities . We collect & transport Clients home from and too our Daycare Centre from a wide catchments area.

Sheltered Housing

 The Sheltered Housing Project consists of 36 units which includes the following:
28 one-bedroom houses
8 two-bedroom houses

Residents have access to the numerous services.