Our Organisation

Ethos, Aims and Objectives

Westgate Foundation:

Statement of Purpose:

The mission of Westgate Foundation is to provide the highest quality of services, supports and opportunities for older people living in Ballincollig and surrounding areas. Our guiding ethos is to assure respect, equality, dignity, rights and care to all connected with the organisation.

Guiding Organisational Principles:


Respect, equality, honesty, fairness and kindness.

Quality standards across all of the organisations work

Efficient use of all organisational resources

Teamwork, participation and inclusion of all.

Responsibility and accountability

Safeguarding autonomy and self determination

Challenging ageism and all forms of discrimination

Westgate Foundation:

Aims and Objectives:

Aim: To provide the highest quality of services, supports and opportunities to older people that will enable them to enjoy quality of life within their own community.


  • To provide the following range of services, supports and opportunities to Older people: Daycare, Community Transport, Community Catering, Sheltered Housing and Social Activities.
  • To provide quality employment and training opportunities to local people through sustaining jobs and hosting an in-house community employment scheme
  • To ensure that older people play a lead role in all of the organisation’s work including Board membership, employment, sub-committees and membership of all groups within the organisation
  • To advocate for dignity, respect, equality and social justice for all older people