Westgate Catering Service

Westgate Catering Service  – 
Catering Manager Maura Wood

Phone number:- 021-4873648

                                                                                   Email : maurawood@westgatefoundation.ie

Westgate Foundations Community Catering provides the highest standards of food to our clients in Westgate DayCare and recipients in Community Catering. We at all times adhere to food Safety and HACCP Guidelines.
All our meals are prepared fresh each day with a varied menu to give variety at meal times, Westgate Catering Department provides good wholesome nutritious meals to all our clients that use our facility and the wider community.

We do our utmost best to provide top quality meals and cater for all dietary requirements. Community Catering service provides an average of 45 meals per day to the older people living in

the community and wider community who are unable to cook for themselves we also provide weekend dinners which are cooked then chill blasted to maintain the nutritious value and extend the shelf life.
A lot of attention to detail is put into preparing the meals to ensure the highest nutritional value and taste. The main meal of the day is in the dining room at 12.15 pm, a choice of two main course and deserts .
The catering department caters for all social activities with menus ranging from full dinners to finger foods sandwiches and cakes and buffets averaging from 64 people plus.