The Seniors Alert Scheme provides funding for a free personal monitored alarm for people aged 65 and older and of limited means. The scheme is intended to support older people to live securely and independently in their homes.

The Seniors Alert Scheme is administered by Pobal, a not-for-profit company that manages programmes on behalf of the Irish Government and the EU.


Who is eligible for the scheme?


To be eligible for the Seniors Alert Scheme, you must be aged 65 or over and have limited means or resources.

You must also be any of the following:

  • Living alone
  • Living alone for significant periods of time during the day
  • Living with someone who meets the criteria
  • Caring for someone else in your household

You must live in the area covered by the registered group administering the funding and be able to benefit from the equipment being supplied. You also need to be willing to keep contact with the registered group.



All equipment and installation under the scheme is free. The alarm monitoring service is free for the first year. After the first year, you will be asked to pay the annual monitoring fee.

The annual monitoring fee will vary by service provider and the type of alarm or pendant supplied. Your local group can tell you about the cost in advance.

If there is no suitable landline available in your home and a mobile signal is used to connect to the equipment, you may have to pay a fee for mobile SIM rental.

What type of equipment can I get?


Funding is available to buy and install monitored personal alarms, which can be worn as a pendant or around your wrist like a watch. These alarms connect to a national helpline through a base unit installed in your home.

When the alarm is activated, it automatically rings the helpline, which is open 24 hours a day all year round. A helpline operator talks to you in your home and decides whether to alert a local volunteer responder or, if necessary, the emergency services.

Equipment supplied under the scheme remains the property of the registered group and must be returned to the group if no longer needed.

How do I get the equipment?


You can contact Yvonne Summers, here at Westgate on 021-4873648

Yvonne will:

  • Assess your eligibility for the scheme and complete the application form with you
  • Identify the equipment required and get quotations from suppliers
  • Submit the application and supporting documentation to Pobal

You will be asked to confirm that you understand the purpose and use of the equipment and that you will be responsible for the annual monitoring fee after the first year.

How to Apply


If you require a Pendant or Wrist Alarm, please contact Yvonne Summers on 021 4873648 for an application form.

Yvonne is more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding the alarms.