Our Social activities group would like to give a big “thank you” to Ann and all the staff at Ballincollig Chapel Gate Cafe for a wonderful, lunch today. We all truly enjoyed the chat and food.

All ccthe staff at Westgate Foundation send their prayers to the people of Ukrainian. The Ukrainian flag will be flown above Cork’s City Hall on Friday as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine following Thursday’s invasion by Russia.

Similar gestures have taken place all over Europe, with landmark buildings illuminated in blue and yellow and flags flown in solidarity. 

The historic building on Anglesea St will later on Friday be illuminated in blue and yellow in a gesture that will last nightly for at least a week, Lord Mayor Colm Kelleher said.


Ballincollig LitWrits Book Launch - we had such a great night at Westgate Foundation

Books still available to buy at reception - Call in or ring 021-4873648

Westgate Foundation is a community based not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing the highest standards of services and supports that enable older people to enjoy a quality of life within the Ballincollig and mid Cork area.

Update on our Services

We are so happy to announce 📢the return of our Art, Choir, Bowling, Computer and Drama Classes 👏👏👏 for more information on how you can join and participate in any of the above classes, please contact our Social Activities manager, Phil Lynch on 021-4873648

Westgate Foundation was so thrilled to have also welcomed back our DayCare clients and Social and Active Retirement Group members these past few months. Thank you so much to the clients and members who returned to us and we look forward to rebuilding the future of Westgate services again with you and with the new members and clients who will be joining us. We are delighted to announce our Art class has returned back to Wednesday afternoons and we are looking forward to announcing more services soon. There was a lot of sadness too this month as we missed our clients and members who will not be returning to our services. We think of those who passed away over the last 16 months and of the sadness and loss of their families. We think also of our clients and members who will not be returning to us as their living circumstances have changed. We miss you all very much and wish you happiness where you are now. Last but not least we wish to thank our wonderful staff team for the trojan work that they have done in getting our services safely back up and running. The commitment and dedication of our team to our clients, members and residents is inspiring to all.

Westgate Foundation

Westgate TV Channel

"Staying Connected"

A new Westgate Project from Westgate Foundation centered around connecting with our clients, members and residents through delivering live streamed and recorded programmes from Westgate Foundation. Please click on the link to read more on this exciting new project and to view our programmes and Tutorial Videos.

Westgate TV Channel – Staying connected

The staff at Westgate Foundation know how the Covid-19 virus is affecting our daily lives and we want to help


Although we are unable to offer face to face assistance at the moment, we have staff available for those of you who need support, advice or maybe someone to talk to. We remain contactable by phoning 021-4873648 or by email at westgatefoundation@gmail.com

Stay well.. never feel alone..

..we are all in this together!!

We at Westgate Foundation wish all our clients, members, residents and friends, safety and protection during this very difficult time. 

Our services are now restricted in order to safeguard all.  Our Centre building is closed to the public, and we continue to offer the following services:

  • Phone support each day to all our DayCare clients

  • Continued Meals on Wheels services

  • Extension of Meals on Wheels service to any older person in the community wishing to avail of the service

  • Phone support for our Social and Active Retirement Group members

  • Phone support to any older person in the community needing support

  • Continued support from our Housing, Maintenance and Security teams to our residents

  • Support to the community in accessing panic alarms for older people

  • Member of Ballincollig Community Response Team

Westgate Foundation wishes all of our clients, members, residents, supporters and friends continued good health during these challenging times.  Please stay safe and well and make sure to comply with Public Health Guidelines, particularly around social distancing and hand hygiene.  We miss you all and look forward to seeing everyone when it’s safe for people to come together again.

Community Catering

Meals on Wheels Services

Our Community Catering Service (MOW) are always open to new applications. Since lockdown in March, we have prepared and delivered over 6500 Meals to Ballincollig and the wider community.

To avail of this service please contact our Catering manager Maura Wood on 021-4873648 or email – maura.westgate@gmail.com.
Westgate Foundation’s community catering team provides the highest standards of food to our recipients in the community. We at all times adhere to food Safety and HACCP guidelines.

All our meals are prepared fresh each day with wholesome nutritious ingredients. Our catering department aim, is to provide a varied menu  that caters for the food preferences and dietary requirements of all our clients. 

Westgate’s Community Catering service provides an average of 200 meals per week to older people living in 
the community, (some of who are unable to cook for themselves). We also provide weekend dinners which are cooked and then chill blasted to maintain the nutritious value and extend the shelf life.
A lot of attention to detail is put into preparing the meals to ensure the highest nutritional value and taste.

Seniors Alert Scheme (SAS)

Applications are available from Westgate Foundation, for the provision and installation of monitored personal alarms, which can be worn as a pendant or around your wrist like a watch.

If you require a Pendant or Wrist Alarm, please contact Yvonne on 021 4873648 for an application form.

Yvonne is more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding the alarms.

Westgate Foundation are sending best wishes to all of the business community in Ballincollig, especially over the coming weeks.

Westgate Book Launch Event – Litwrits book launch, Thursday the 10th of March here at Westgate Foundation – Yet more tales from the white horse.



This is an open event, so please come along and join in the fun. 


Ballincollig Litwrits have published  a book in aid of Westgate Foundation – Click on the following link –Fundraiser by Diana Cassidy : Publishing a book in aid of Westgate Foundation (gofundme.com)

Ballincollig Writers Group (LitWrits),  have published book of our own works this year.  Please go to Facebook page Ballincollig LitWrits for more information.

They depend on external fundraising to sponsor this and all monies raised from the sale of the book will go to Westgate Foundation as will any surplus from funding. In the past we have relied on local Businesses to fund similar projects and have raised approx e1800 for Irish Guide Dogs and e2500 for Muscular Dystrophy Ireland.

Westgate is a community based not-for-profit charitable organisation dedicated to providing the highest standards of services and supports that enable older people to enjoy a quality of life within the Ballincollig and mid Cork area.

The funds raised will be used to purchase the materials and resources needed eg. Art supplies, musical entertainment, board games etc; to ensure that day care clients enjoy an engaging and stimulating programme of activities when they come to the Centre.


It’s been a hugely challenging year for businesses and we are joining in encouraging all of our staff team, residents, clients, members and friends to shop in and support local businesses this Christmas. Ballincollig business community has shown great support to Westgate Foundation’s fundraising efforts over many years and we want to wish you well deserved support in return and hope that the whole community spends local this festive season.


Service Updates/Lastest News

Our Services

Westgate main 2

Daycare Activities – Social Activities

 Community Catering – Transport

 Sheltered Housing – Social Work – Counselling

Our Team



Westgate Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the provision of quality services and supports to older people in the Mid Cork Area. 

Employment,Volunteering & Placement

Healthcare Newsletter Launch

We offer many types of positions 

  • Full-Time and Part-Time
  • Volunteers
  • Community Employment
  • Student Placement





The organisation promotes the value and self-worth of the Older Person through Education & Training, Advocacy, Self-Esteem/Confidence and Capacity building.  

The most important thing for everyone right now, is to follow the government public health guidelines:

ible Ring your doctor or the HSE helpline if you feel unwell Important Phone Numbers: HSE Corona Helpline:Callsave 1850 24 1850 or 041-6850300Alone Older Person’s Helpline:0818-222-024 Westgate Foundation Contact Number:021-4873648

  • Wash your hands properly and frequently Maintain social distance (stay 2 meters or 6 feet) apart from other people Reduce the number of people you meet Stay at home as much as possible.

Westgate Foundation wishes Ballincollig Business Association and all of the business community in Ballincollig and our Westgate Patrons well at this very difficult time. We thank you for the great support that you have given to our work with older people in the community over many years and we hope that you all get the support and back- up that you deserve at this time of crisis. We are all in this together now and its so important that we support and look out for one another across all sectors of the community. Keep well and safe.

West Village, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Phone: (021) 487 3648

Music Returns to Westgate (at long last!)
We’re so proud of our residents for staying safe during these challenging times and were delighted to be able to provide some entertainment again. In the words of our own CEO, Julie Murphy, “we’re about people, and we’ve really missed the buzz and craic and connection that normally happens here with our clients and residents.”
A huge thank you to our team here for putting this event together. We hope to see you all dancing (together) again very soon.
Thank you to Neasa Hurley for putting the stories together for us and taking the wonderful photos and videos.

See More Here!

Thank you to everyone that supported in this event. We truly appreciate that you purchased the tickets from us.

Privacy Statement - Westgate Foundation

Westgate Foundation· Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Westgate Foundation is a community based organisation providing an integrated range of services for older people including Daycare, Community Catering, Sheltered Housing, Transport, Social and Active Retired Club, Social Work and Counselling. Westgate Foundation employs a staff team of 60 people and also enjoys the support of many volunteers. It is a registered charity and limited company and is funded through service income, fundraising and government grants. Westgate Foundation is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. As part of our on-going commitment we have prepared this privacy statement to help you understand how we manage your personal information. What is a Privacy Statement? A Privacy Statement is a statement describing how Westgate Foundation gathers, use, hold and discloses personal information about you. What type of data do we hold and why do we hold it? We may ask for or hold personal information about you to support delivery of high quality supportive services and care. This information is given directly by you, healthcare professionals, family/relatives and governmental agencies and may include:

• Name, date of birth, address and contact details.

• Next to kin/relatives contact details.

• Notes regarding contact which we may have had with you i.e. appointments, meetings and home visits.

• Notes and reports about your medical, health and social care needs and wishes.

• Information from caregivers/relatives and health care professionals involved in your life.

• Personal sensitive information such as: religion/beliefs, financial, disability status, marital status, employment and recruitment related details and other personal sensitive information disclosed to us.

Sharing of data In an attempt to provide a high quality service to you, we may need to share information about you with others. Information may be shared with health and social care organisations, local authorities, and other supportive services on a strictly need to know basis and with your consent. We may also share information where we have a duty to comply with any legal obligation to disclose such information. Storage of Data All digital data is stored on computers which are password protected. Paper files are kept in locked filing cabinets. Mobile phone numbers are sometimes saved on business phones which are key code protected. Disposal of data It is recommended that files be retained for a minimum of seven years under the Data Protection Act, 1998. Your rights You have the right to view, amend or delete personal data Westgate Foundation holds about you.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Westgate Foundation Data Controller.

Who is the Data Controller?

Ms Julie Murphy CEO Westgate Foundation, West Village, Ballincollig, Cork

Phone: 021-4873648 Email: juliemurphywestgate@gmail.com

Thank you so much to Lynda Tyers and Monika of Printout Station Road, Ballincollig, Cork for producing and donating beautiful Christmas Cards and Personal Greeting cards for Westgate to sell to raise funds. To order these beautiful Christmas cards and Greeting cards, please ring our reception team on 021-4873648